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KeyLemon 2.4.3 for Windows and Mac


We are excited to announce that KeyLemon 2.4.3 is now available for the world. This is our 17 release of KeyLemon and comes just two monhts after 2.4.2.

The focus for this release was to bring together Windows and Mac versions of KeyLemon. On Mac, the plugin LemonScreen has now been renamed LemonLock (as on Windows since version 2.4). Also LemonLogin plugin integrates now the screen lock (allows to unlock your session using face recognition). Login into the correct account at boot up will come soon on Mac.

Among the common new features on Windows and Mac, we have now added a notification if hijackers have been captured when logging back into the session.

On Windows, clicking on the notification balloon will display the hijacker picture directly. On Mac, we remind that Growl is required to display such notification.

We also added the opportunity, once you ended your trial period, to extend it by submitting your feedback. For this click on the “extend trial” button.

This will open a new window in which you answer some questions. Your trial period will be extended once you have submitted the survey.

Here below are reported the new features and bug corrections from our release notes on Windows and Mac:

Release Notes Windows

    New features

  • LemonFox plugin compatible with Firefox 5
  • Trial limitation in days instead of number of logins
  • Possibility to extend trial period after feedback submission
  • Hijacker notification after capture
  • Biometry improvement : recognition possible at a farther distance from the webcam
    Fixed bugs

  • Fullscreen application detection
  • Updater timeout causing incomplete download of update
  • Unability to quit the Control Center if it asks for a new password

Release Notes Mac

    New features

  • Security Levels
  • Hijacker notification after capture
  • French, german, spanish and portuguese translations
  • “Don’t lock if fullscreen application” feature avoids the automatic lock of your computer while you are watching a movie, doing a presentation,…
  • LemonScreen plugin is now called LemonLock (standardization with Windows version)
  • Possibility to extend trial period after feedback submission
    Fixed bugs

  • KeyLemon logonscreen not closed after Screensaver restart (while locking)

How do I update to the last version ?

Please take a look at our user guide which illustrates how to update your KeyLemon version on Windows and Mac.

2 Responses to “KeyLemon 2.4.3 for Windows and Mac”

  1. I have not been able to update since 2.4.1.

    Comment by Kimla M Brecht on August 27, 2011 at 7:48 am

  2. Hello Kimla,

    We had a problem with the module responsible of downloading the updater, this is why we have suggested our customers to apply a patch some times ago (via a newsletter), maybe you have not seen it.

    Anyway, you can download manually the updater using the link below:

    This should not happen anymore in future release.

    Best regards

    Comment by Pascal on August 29, 2011 at 7:38 am

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