KeyLemon's Official Documentation

Using LemonLogin

LemonLogin plugin on Mac allows you to unlock your session with face recognition.

Interface description


Use KeyLemon to unlock my session

If you choose to use KeyLemon to unlock your session, LemonLogin will display a new unlock interface, using face recognition instead of manually typing your password.

Enable theme

By enabling a theme, you can customize the lockscreen interface. By default, the KeyLemon lockscreen interface looks similar to the system dialog box, with the video stream in addition. You can totally change the way the lockscreen looks by choosing another theme.

To change a theme, click on button “Manage the lockscreen theme”.

You can download additional themes from our website (by clicking on the “Get new themes” button) or follow this tutorial to make your own theme.

Take a picture of the hijackers

Enable this option if you want to save the hijackers that enter a wrong password when your session is locked.