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Gilles Florey and Yann Rodriguez founded KeyLemon in 2008 in Martigny (Switzerland), a region as renowned for its Alpine skiing and scenic beauty as for its entrepreneurial dynamism. They founded KeyLemon on the simple idea that your device should be able to recognize you in a natural and passive way, like a human does, rather than you having to constantly re-enter (and remember) a device password. Pioneering biometric authentication solutions via face recognition for nearly ten years, KeyLemon has continuously pursued its vision for convenient security through effortless user recognition. Over the past decade, the technology company has remained true to this focus.


If you are passionate about influencing the direction of new technology and write code in your sleep, you might be a great fit with our international team. KeyLemon is breaking new ground in the field of face recognition. The company is led by a group of image & signal processing experts, with extensive expertise in implementation and optimization of real time authentication algorithms for cloud and embedded platforms.

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