Natural Authentication

More Smiles, Fewer Passwords

KeyLemon recognizes your face, the same way your friends recognize you.

Seamlessly incorporating biometric authentication into your mobile app

KeyLemon Oasis software library enables fast, scalable and secure face recognition on mobile device. The library has been designed for rapid development of mobile apps that require face recognition.

Oasis key features

  • Secure, fast and convenient
  • Available as either a client only and/or client server (CS) architecture
  • Easy to integrate with customizable GUI

Mobile Banking

Maintain Financial Transactions Integrity

Multi-factor authentication delivers superior security for sensitive and confidential user data.

By choosing face recognition to authenticate, users no longer need to login using passwords, thus reducing the risk of password theft.

We offer our solution in two architectures:

  • client only where all user information is safely kept on the user’s phone
  • and client-server where some user information is safely kept and managed in a centralized location

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Customer integration use cases

Successful integration of Oasis Face

Customer Integration of Oasis Face

Integration #1


A European bank

Use Case

Bank employee authentication.


Integration of Oasis CS Face into an in-house Identity Access Management solution. The client library resides on a mobile app and the server library is hosted on the Bank’s server. As the Bank stores the biometric data on its own servers, its employees do not need to re-enroll when switching mobile phones.

Integration #2


A European corporation that is a world leader in two-factor authentication for financial services.

Use Case

Face recognition as a safe alternative to one-time password (OTP) to provide convenient and secure authentication.


Integration of Oasis Face client-only into a mobile application. The client-only architecture works without any connectivity and keeps all user biometric data on the device.

Customer Integration of Oasis Face

Integration #3


A US corporation specialized in multifactor authentication for financial transactions.

Use Case

End-user authentication on the mobile device to grant access to financial transactions on a laptop computer.


Integration of Oasis CS Face into a mobile application to provide multifactor authentication based on face recognition.

The integration provides following multifactor authentication (MFA):

Confidential information the user knows Username + Password on the website
An item the user physically holds Mobile phone
A unique feature of the user Face recognition

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