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Designed to Authenticate

KeyLemon was founded to change the way people connect with technology. Our industry-leading face and speaker recognition algorithms are optimized for direct user authentication, built internally from the ground up to be fast, seamless, and convenient.


KeyLemon’s closed loop recognition algorithms operate in real time for convenient biometric-based login, or continuous monitoring without disturbing the user.


Identifying by facial and vocal characteristics emulates natural human interaction and allows verification without physical contact, passively or at a distance.


With KeyLemon’s cutting edge eye blink detection and anti-spoofing technologies, face and speaker recognition can provide secure two-factor biometric verification.

More Smiles, Fewer Passwords

Your identity is more than just a number or a username. With KeyLemon you are known by your face and your voice, the same way your friends and family recognize you. No passwords to forget, no keys to lose or leave behind. Use the identity that goes with you everywhere, the one you were born with. Your face is unique, and everybody has one.

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Easily Optimized For Any Vertical Market

Any industry with human-computer interaction can benefit from KeyLemon’s face and voice technologies. Biometric user authentication can differentiate your product or service, help secure sensitive financial or medical data, provide convenient access to mobile devices, legitimize online learning, improve automobile safety, and more. We offer multiple options for integration, relevant pricing models that make sense for your business, and personal hands-on support to keep your development schedule moving forward.

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Developer Tools

Mobile Client/Server Libraries

For rapid development of mobile apps utilizing face authentication and with a backend server that can be deployed privately on premises, OASIS allows mobile developers to quickly build out a scalable and secure biometric authentication platform.

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Embedded Native SDKs

KeyLemon's proprietary SDKs can be licensed for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS operating system, allowing development of a self-contained biometric recognition system.

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REST API Web Services

KeyLemon's cloud API provides easy and fast access to our facial recognition technology over a secure HTTPS connection. With just a few lines of code, developers can add biometric authentication and other advanced functionality to any web-enabled application.

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Desktop Application

Lock and unlock your Mac or PC faster than you can type a password.

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