Oasis Face

Oasis Face is a person authentication solution for mobile devices based on biometric face recognition.

It is the perfect solution for application providers who want to reduce login complexity while keeping it secure and thereby meet end-user expectations.


  • Highly accurate authentication
  • Spoofing detection for added security
  • Full featured and cross-platform SDK with a simple API
  • Optimized library made for mobile devices (IOS / Android)
  • Modular architecture to perform face authentication either fully on mobile phone or server-side


Oasis Face is fast, convenient and secure.

It embeds highly accurate face authentication algorithms that have been optimized through time and validated by customers. Spoofing detection can be enabled to reduce the risk of spoofing attacks.

Oasis Face is designed to be easily and quickly integrated.

It allows application providers to seamlessly add face recognition as an additional authentication method into their existing mobile applications, while keeping their current look and feel.

Oasis Face provides everything needed to perform face authentication.

The complete SDK includes management of the camera and quality control (face pose and image quality).

Oasis Face provide modular architecture.

Oasis Face can run entirely on the mobile phone or the face recognition can be performed on a server, depending on the customer / application requirement.


Oasis Face is available in two different architectures: as a client only “Oasis Face Local” or client-server “Oasis Face Client Server” (CS).

This modular architecture allows the application provider to choose which type suits better for the particular environment.

Client Only (Oasis Face Local)

For Oasis Face Local, a single library is provided to integrate on the client side into an existing application. The library is available for Android and iOS.

Client/Server Oasis Face Client Server (CS)

For Oasis Face CS, two libraries are provided:

  • One to integrate on the client side into an existing mobile application, called Oasis Face CS Client library and available for Android and iOS.
  • One to integrate on the server side in an existing server application, called Oasis Face CS Server library and available for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

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